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5 goals made our day

Bohemians showed the world-class football beating Karviná 5:1 

The third home match this season was against MFK OKD Karviná. The line up of Jozef Weber’s team had to be changed right before the start of the match. Martin Jirouš got injured during the stretching exercise before the match and Bálek came on field instead of him.

The first minutes of the match were equal for both teams. Bohemians had the ball more but when they got to the penalty area, the defenders of Karviná, Bolf and Cverna and the goalkeeper Rakovan ruled.

The breakeven point of today’s match came in 20th minute. The kangaroos took a short corner kick, the ball got to Moravec and his 20 meters long shot ended in a goal.

But the crowd wasn’t quiet for a longer time. Just few minutes later, Rada passed the ball to Petr Nerad. Nerad realized how far the keeper is from a goal and chipped the ball over him, scoring to make it 2:0.

The guests answered immediately. Mikula crossed the ball in front of Sňozík and Hrtánek scored.

Kalina appeared in a chance in 38th minute. Moravec took the ball to the penalty area, sent it to Kalina and his shot right next to the post was caught by the keeper.

The other goal came anyways. It was 40th minute when Jan Růžička crossed the ball to Bálek. His shot was deflected but David Bartek was on the right place and brought the ball to the goal, making the score 3:1.

But Karviná had another chance to lower the difference. A beautiful shot by Vladavič finished in hands of Radek Sňozík. The halftime score 3:1.
The second half was as good as the first one. Kalina appeared in a similar chance that he had in the first half and then Bálek’s time came. 

Firstly, it was 52nd minute when he didn’t score in a chance, but then, one minute later, a great pass came from Moravec and Bálek chipped the keeper and scored.

Lukáš Budínský came on pitch in 74th minute and after less than two minutes, the counterattack of Bohemians started with Růžička, Bartek and Bálek brought the ball to Budínský. He had no problem to score and changed the score to 5:1.

The result was obvious, but the quality didn’t decrease. It was Vladavič who had a chance but Sňozík was prepared. The shots of Budínský and Kalina were also saved, by Rakovan.

Bohemians won against a strong team from Morava 5:1 and moved up the league table to the third place.